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Flag of USA

A Mayo Clinic production concerning circumcision rates in the USA.


Flag of Australia

“Fore and Against: The case for circumcision” Online replay of the entire interview by the Australian TV programme '60 Minutes'. Professor Brian Morris explains the case for circumcision and lawyer Paul Mason speaks against. Posted on the '60 Minutes' website Sunday 03 March 2013.


Flag of USA

A video by CBN.COM giving an overview of both sides of the circumcision debate as at October 2011. Although produced by a religious group, it nevertheless provides a good, predominantly secular and rational analysis of the subject in terms of both personal and public health issues.


Flag of Malaysia

REUTERS News Agency takes a look inside a Malaysian mosque during an Islamic circumcision ceremony.


Flag of UK    Flag of Morocco

The BBC 'Video Nation' archive follows a British convert to Islam through the process of adult circumcision.


Flag of the Philippines

Operation Tule - a nationwide charitable sponsorship of safe circumcision in the Philippines.

 MEDICAL  TRAINING  and other high-definition video material 

Flag of USA   Icon denoting 'Baby'

A registered Mohel Doctor performs a Bris

Dr. Samuel A Kunin MD (USA). File size 22.83 MB in Quicktime format. Procedure: Gomco clamp.


Flag of Canada   Icon denoting 'Baby'

A specialist circumcises an infant

Dr. Neil Pollock MD (Canada). Requires browser to be Java-enabled. Procedure: Mogen clamp.


Flag of USA   Icon denoting 'Baby'

Stanford University School of Medicine

Videos of 3 circumcision methods: Gomco, Mogen and Plastibell. This website uses advanced anti-piracy techniques; you may need to temporarily lower your Firewall in order to view these items.


Flag of USA   Icon denoting 'Baby'

The Accucirc Clamp

Product demonstration footage by makers of the Accucirc circumcision device.


Flag of Turkey   Icon denoting 'Man'   Icon denoting 'Boy'

Ali'sKlamp videos are now labelled ‘Private’ on YouTube, but can be viewed or downloaded via the company's own web page.

The following video shows an Ali'sKlamp device being use in general practice:


Flag of Australia   Icon denoting 'Baby'

The Circumplast

Product demonstration footage by Novadien, makers of the Circumplast circumcision device.


Flag of Malaysia   Icon denoting 'Man'   Icon denoting 'Teenager'   Product demonstration footage showing use of the Circumstar device.



Flag of Egypt   Icon denoting 'Boy'

Freehand circumcision surgery. Professor Gamal Mousa (of Tanta University Medical School, Egypt) demonstrates his “Dissection Method”, circumcising an eleven-year old boy in the Low & Tight style, done under general anaesthetic.


Flag of Malaysia    Flag of The Netherlands    Icon denoting 'Adult'    Icon denoting 'Boy'

The SmartKlamp [1]

Again two videos here - one being the Product Information video produced by the Dutch company that originally developed the clamp, the other being a demonstration of the current version.

The SmartKlamp [2]

A full-length circumcision training video available to purchace. Available with English or Malay soundtrack.


Flag of Malaysia    Flag of South Africa    Icon denoting 'Adult'

The Tara KLamp

Product publicity video.


Flag of South Africa    Icon denotng 'Adult'

The Unicirc instrument by MedtechGlobal.

Product demonstration video.


Flag of Malaysia    Icon denoting 'Teenager'

Professionally made video illustrating hot wire electrocautery being used in a circumcision clinic in suburban Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Flag of Belgium   Icon denoting 'Adult'

Freehand electrosurgery

A short trailer advertising the services of a circumcision clinic in Antwerp, now closed due to the death of the proprietor. Please contact the Editor of this website if you possess the full-length version (circa 40 minutes). Mail link below.


Flag of P.R.China   Icon denoting 'Adult'

Circumcision in the Peoples Republic of China
包皮环切术在中国人民共和国 Filmed at the Shanghai Jiangdong Hospital, this video illustrates both freehand and disposable clamp techniques.

There are onward links (in Chinese) to other circumcision videos. If using a limited download internet connection, be sure to close the window you used to view this video, otherwise it will continue to run other videos and advertising material!

On YouTube:  Shang Ring  product publicity and demonstration.


Flag of Mozambique   Icon denoting 'Adult'

The Gomco Clamp

Video showing surgery conducted in Beira, Mozambique, using Wound Glue in conjunction with a Gomco Clamp. The 'surgeon' was deliberately chosen from the ranks of surgically-inexperienced medical students, with a view to determining whether such a technique could be used by ad-hoc trained personnel in the anti-HIV campaigns of mass circumcision currently being promoted in sub-Saharan Africa.

 FAMILY  ALBUMS  and other (mainly amateur) videos 

Flag of Uganda   Icon denoting 'Teenager'

Eastern Uganda, 2002

Since this item was uploaded to the Global Citizen website, the benefits of male circumcision (properly done) have been documented by medical science. Such scenes as are shown in this video have largely been replaced by hygienic medical services and, in consequence, significant progress is being made in curbing the rate of spread of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Think of this footage as a piece of history and an illustration of how not to organise a mass circumcision.


Flag of the Philippines   Icon denoting 'Boy'

A boy is circumcised as part of the Operation Tule provision of free medical circumcision services that exist throughout the Philippines. Explicit footage from the very start. This video would be unremarkable but for the fact it shows the local “Dorsal slit only” style of circumcision, common in parts of the Philippines but not found elsewhere.


Flag of Kenya   Icon denoting 'Teenager'

Tribal circumcision ceremonies in the Tharaka region of Kenya’s Eastern Province. Remarkable on account of the "Buttonhole" style of circumcision being partially combined with a more routine shortening of the prepuce. The style being unlkely to confer significant protection against HIV, this tradition is likely to be superceded by more conventional surgery - for Public Health reasons.

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