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Chat  Rooms

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Ready-made Chat Rooms specific to circumcision

If you are seeking a ready-made Chat Room specific to adult circumcision, try This is an advertisement-free facility sponsored by the owner of the Choosing Circumcision website.

Create your own

Should you want to create your own chat facility, CIRCLIST recommends ICQ. This need not be just one-to-one chat; ICQ will let you have group meetings. All that’s needed is for each participant to have the ICQ software installed on their computer and be online at the correct time. ICQ is preferable for this purpose because most Instant Messengers do not let you have group chat rooms. ICQ can be set to let you know when others are online to chat either directly or as a group. Also, it will let you send the other users messages even if they are not online.

Obtaining ICQ as a free download

Go to the following address and download it, saving it to somewhere where you will be able to find it. We recommend the use of the same file folder as stores your other programs. You can get ICQ version 8 for almost any computer. This includes machines running versions of Microsoft Windows as far back as XP with Service Pack 3. Macintosh and UNIX machines are also supported. After it is done downloading, double click the installation file and follow the instructions. After you install it you will be assigned an UIN (unique identification number). This is the number that you can give to other ICQ members. Have fun!!!

Using ICQ

When you install ICQ it will insert an icon into your system taskbar. ICQ will automatically turn on when you go online and go into sleep mode when you are offline. Remember...

Note that CIRCLIST does not monitor chat rooms and is not responsible for their content. The usual precautions for ‛staying safe online’ should be observed.

When planning chat sessions, don’t forget to allow for differing time zones! We strongly recommend that all chat sessions are pre-arranged using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time; the initials UTC come from the French expression “Universel Temps Coordonné”). For practical purposes UTC is the same as GMT.

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