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Flag of Germany   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Boy   Icon denoting 'Infant'   A News Blog concerning all aspects of circumcision in Germany:

Flag of Sweden   Icon denoting 'Adult'   A Blog concerning adult circumcision in Sweden

My account of an adult circumcision in a country where circumcision is rare. English and Swedish language versions by Kristian (Stockholm).

Flag of UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   A diary of the circumcision of a young adult in the UK

Dan Ricketts tells all. The reader can select versions with/without explicit photographs, to choice.

Flag of Australia   Icon denoting 'Adult'   A photo-diary of the circumcision of an adult at the Gold Coast Circumcision Clinic.

Patient: A 22-year old professional pilot.

Icon denoting 'Adult'   A case where the patient has had previous abdominal surgery for other reasons.

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